You provide the host and discussion, let us do the rest. We record your show over the Internet using Skype, free easy-to-use software with outstanding audio quality. Have a conversation with up to four people, anywhere in the world, and let us finish it with a professional edit and original music. We'll handle the RSS feed generation, web site for listener feedback, stats tracking, and optional bandwidth if you don't have a file server.

Our clients include PC Gamer Magazine, Official Xbox Magazine, and Maximum PC. The combined listenership is in the hundreds of thousands, and some have ranked in the top 100 on iTunes.

We specialize in instructional videos, catering to local-area Chicago teachers and artists who wish to open their classroom worldwide. We handle all steps of video production, sound recording, editing, and DVD authoring. Our trusted DVD replicators deliver a pristine, commercial grade product.

Our DVD authoring sets the standard by which competing products are judged. Homemade special features test the limits of DVD technology and invigorate viewers with new experiences.

Our Remembering How to Drum production is the best selling product on Amazon in its category, and our co-produced Mindcandy DVD has sold over 6,000 copies.

Other titles:
Tinkanyi 1 & 2 (African dance)
Akaran Iko Iko (advanced djembe)
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